Alien insects on Eucalytpus spp.: an australian biocenosis in Tuscany


Despite the diffusion of eucalypts in Italy, the community of insects hosted by these trees is scantily studied, while information about the presence of these pests is crucial for their potential threats to economic activities. This study aims at investigating and evaluating the status of Australian insects hosted by eucalypts in Tuscany (Central Italy). We found six established species and, among them, two species recently discovered in the study area were noteworthy for their potential impacts and diffusion: Gonipterus scutellatus complex and Glycaspis brimblecombei. We provided a distribution map on Tuscan coast for both these species and revised data on biology and presence of these and other alien insects Eucalyptus-linked species.


Eucalyptus; insect pests; Gonipterus scutellatus complex; Glycaspis brimblecombei; Tuscany

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