A New aphid species (Hemiptera Aphididae) living on Centaurea from Iran


Macrosiphoniella (Papillomyzus) iranica sp. n. (Aphididae Macrosiphini) is described from Iranian apterous viviparous females caught on Centaurea sp. and conserved in the Natural History Museum in London and in the Muséum national d’Histoire naturelle in Paris. The features of the new species are compared with those of the other 6 species of the subgenus Papillomyzus which are hosted on Centaurea and on other Cardueae, Cynareae or Anthemideae (Asteraceae) species and are distributed along a Mediterrean-Pontian-Turanian-East Palaeartic band.


Aphids; Aphididae; Macrosiphini; Centaurea; Iran

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