The vertical and horizontal distribution of Mesocriconema xenoplax (Raski, 1952) in Trentino vineyards (Northern Italy)


Spatial distribution of Mesocriconema xenoplax (Raski, 1952) was investigated in vineyards in the Trentino region (Northern Italy). Horizontal distribution showed characteristic aggregate pattern for nematodes, correlated to the symptomatology of the localized spots of infestations. The vertical distribution, in compact texture soils, revealed maximum population levels of the nematode in the top layers depending on the root occurrence that, in such conditions, is lower at the deeper levels. Higher nematode number was found at greater depths in loose soils, where roots easier penetrate. The knowledge gained from the spatial distribution of this species is fundamental to investigate the effectiveness of different sampling patterns in order to improve efficacy of control strategies.


Mesocriconema; spatial distribution; vineyards

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