Cyst nematodes of the genus Heterodera and Globodera in Sicily


A survey was conducted in Sicily, from 2007 to 2009, to obtain insights on specific composition, frequency and geographical distribution of cyst nematodes associated to crops of agricultural economic importance. Soil and root samples were collected mainly from crops showing chlorosis, poor growth and reduced yield. Cysts and larvae were extracted and identified to species level by comparative examination of morphological and morphometric characters. Confirmation of the species identity was also made by molecular analysis for some species. Seven species of the genus Heterodera Schmidt, 1871 and two of the genus Globodera Skarbilovic, 1959 were found. They were H. avenae Wollenweber, 1924, H. bifenestra Cooper, 1955, H. carotae Jones, 1950, H. goettingiana Liebscher, 1892, H. hordecalis Andersson, 1974, H. latipons Franklin, 1969 and H. schachtii Schmidt, G. rostochiensis (Wollenweber, 1923) Behrens, 1975 and G. pallida (Stone, 1973) Behrens, 1975. All species dectected are known to occur in Europe and the Mediterranean basin, but H. avenae, H. hordecalis, and H. latipons had not been reported from Sicily and H. bifenestra is a new report for Italy.


cyst nematodes; host crops; Sicily

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