New data and records on Xantholinini of Taiwan collected by Aleš Smetana, with description of new species (Coleoptera Staphylinidae) - 225th contribution to the knowledge of the Staphylinidae


The author has studied plentiful material collected in Taiwan by Aleš Smetana during the years 1990-1998. Eleven new species (Metolinus liseae sp. n., Atopolinus tenchi sp. n., A. subtiliphallus sp. n., A. diaphanus sp. n., A. anma sp. n., A. ilan sp. n., A. peitawu sp. n., A. kuai sp. n., A. smetanai sp. n., A. silvanus sp. n., A. tona sp. n. ) are described. The current knowledge on the population of Xantholinini in the island is summarized. Comment on geographical distribution, particularly of the many endemic species, including those of the genus Atopolinus Coiffait, 1982, are presented. Thyreocephalus hongkongensis (Redtenbacher, 1867) and Erymus gracilis (Fauvel, 1895) are new for Taiwan.


Coleoptera; Staphylinidae; Xantholinini; taxonomy; new species; Metolinus; Atopolinus; distribution; Taiwan

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