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First record in Cyprus of Cinara (Cinara) cedri Mimeur (Aphididae Lachninae) on Cedrus brevifolia (Hooker fil.) Henry.


The Authors report on the discovery in South Cyprus of the aphid Cinara (Cinara) cedri Mimeur collected on the endemic cedar, Cedrus brevifolia (Hooker fil.) Henry. This is the first record of the lacnid in Cyprus. The ecological aspects of the cedar and its interaction with the related aphid species are discussed. The Authors suggest the hypothesis that the aphid may be co-endemic with its host conifer since it shows significant morphological differences compared with specimens from other European regions. The question whether the Cyprus cedar aphid can be injurious or not to its host plant is debated as well. The exact taxonomic position of this lacnid is currently under investigation.


Aphididae; Lachninae; Cinara species; Cedrus brevifolia; Cyprus

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