Revision of the Oriental Platyprosopus (Coleoptera Staphylinidae Platyprosopini). 255th Contribution to the knowledge of the Staphylinidae.


In this contribution, thirteen species previously known of Platyprosopus from the Oriental Region are redescribed and illustrated and the following new species are described: P. bengalensis sp. n., P. fulvaster sp. n., P. punctatissimus sp. n., P. laosianus sp. n., P. indawgyianus sp. n., P. meghalayaensis sp. n., P. ruficollis sp. n., P. himalayaensis sp. n., P. myanmarensis sp. n.,  P. birmanus sp. n. Megaprosopoda Strand is considered synonym of Platyprosopus Motschulsky. Neotype for P. biseriatus Epp. is designated. P. laevicollis Kr. is species revalidated. Lectotype and sometimes paralectotypes are designated for the following species: P. fraternus Bh., P. tongyai Bh., P. elatus Fvl., P. fuliginosus Er., P. tamulus Er., P. laevicollis Kr., P. bilineatus Fvl., P. parallelus Bh., P. fulvicollis Mot., P. socius Bh., P. indicus Mot., and P. consularis Fvl.


Coleoptera; Staphylinidae; Platyprosopini; Platyprosopus; Oriental Region; revision; new species; new synonym

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