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Laboratory tests on the biocontrol of chestnut insect pests on Etna (Sicily, Italy) by means of entomopathogenic nematodes


The virulence of seventeen strains of entomopathogenic nematodes, belonging to four species of Steinernema and two of Heterorhabditis, against the chestnut insect parasites Curculio elephas, C. glandium, Pammene castanicola, Cydia splendana and C. fagiglandana, was tested in laboratory. The bioassays were conducted on the insect larvae collected in three different years (2010-2012) in chestnut groves of Etna. Most of the strains tested resulted good biocontrol agents for all the treated insect pests. The strains S. feltiae ESA and S. feltiae EPP were the most effective strains autochthonous of Etna when all the species of insect pests are considered as a whole.


Curculio; Pammene; Cydia; Steinernema; Heterorhabditis

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