Morphological and molecular characterization of a Steinernema carpocapsae (Nematoda Steinernematidae) strain isolated in Veneto region (Italy)


Veneto region (North-East Italy). This new strain was named ItS-CAO1. Molecular and morphological analyses were performed. The ITS region and the 18S rRNA gene were amplified and sequenced. The ITS products were then digested with six restriction enzymes in order to unequivocally identify this species. Nematode virulence was tested against last instar of Galleria mellonella (L.) using different laboratory assays. Insect mortality of this new strain is very high in penetration (100%) and sand column assay (93.3%) and the percentage of penetrating infective juveniles was 57.6 and 42.9, respectively. Larval mortality in one-on-one quality assay was 50% and in exposure time assay it was 50% at 19 minutes. With the results of infectivity assays we can evaluate the possibility to use this new strain in biological control programs.


entomopathogenic nematode; ITS region; PCR-RFLP; infectivity assay; biological control

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