Eight new records for the Eriophyid (Trombidiformes Eriophyoidea Eriophyidae) mite fauna of Iran


Trees from Juglandaceae, Ulmaceae, Salicaceae, Leguminosae and Betulaceae were sampled during two growing seasons, 2010 and 2011, in the southwest region of East Azerbaijan province, Iran, in order to survey their eriophyid mite fauna. Among identified taxa, eight species appeared to be new for the Iranian eriophyid fauna: Coptophylla lamimani (Keifer, 1939b), Stenacis palomaris Keifer, 1970, Shevtchenkella juglandis (Keifer, 1951), Anthocoptes striatus Ponomareva, 1978, Aculus mogeri (Farkas, 1960), Aculops unguiculatus (Nalepa, 1897), Aculops allotrichus (Nalepa, 1894) and Tegolophus califraxini (Keifer, 1938). Supplementary descriptions were given for Sh. ulmi (Farkas, 1960), A. striatus, A. mogeri, A. unguiculatus and A. allotrichus. In this study, Alhagi maurorum Medik (Leguminosae) and Fraxinus angustifolia Vahl. subsp. angustifolia (Oleaceae) were reported as new host plants for A. allotrichus and T. califraxini, respectively. Remarks on the eriophyid distribution in East Azerbaijan were also given.


distribution; East Azerbaijan province; faunistic survey

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