Identification of significant loci for drought resistance and root traits at seedling stage with a set of maize introgression lines


Genetic dissection of the genetic basis of drought resistance is important for crop improvement. In this study, significant loci for drought resistance related traits at seedling stage were identified with a set of maize introgression lines under two environments. Two drought resistance indicators, leaf-drying degree under medium drought stress (LDM) and severe drought stress (LDS), and three root traits, root dry weight under drought stress (RWS), root length under drought stress (RLS), and root number under drought stress (RNS) were investigated. A total of 31 and 25 significant loci for LDM and LDS were identified, respectively, and 20 of them were commonly detected under both environments. For the three root traits, 41 significant loci were detected with 20 loci identified under both environments. Of the 97 significant loci, only 19 loci related to both leaf-drying degree and root traits under stress simultaneously, suggesting that these root traits had limited contribution to drought resistance at seedling stage. The significant loci detected in this study would be useful in molecular breeding for drought resistance in maize.


introgression lines; drought resistance loci; root traits; seedling stage; maize

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