Male sterility induced by chemical SQ-1, as an effective male specific gametocide in maize (Zea mays)


Induction of male sterility by male gametocides holds great potential in utilization of heterosis aside from nuclear
encoded male sterility (NMS) and cytoplasmic male sterility (CMS) applied in crop breeding. In the present study,
we reported a recently synthesized gametocide SQ-1, a pyridazinone derivative used for induction of male sterility
in maize. A reference dosage of chemical SQ-1 at 5.0 kg ha-1 was sprayed in five genetically unrelated maize
cultivars at the plant developmental stage L8-L10 (8 to 10 leaves developed after the above-ground seedlings),
and the results showed that the SQ-1 treated plants exhibited an intact female organ that remained vigorous to
alien pollination, and > 90% of male sterility reached by assaying pollen viability albeit fewer seeds were residually
obtained. Besides, the present data also demonstrated that the SQ-1 induced male sterility was not severely
affected by different maize genotypes. Therefore, as an alternative of NMS and CMS, the gametocide SQ-1 could
be a substitution approach in maize breeding program considering its rapidity and flexibility.


male sterility; gametocide; SQ-1; hybrid vigor; maize

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