Preliminary results of variability in mechanical-induced volatile root-emissions of different maize cultivars


The current study was conducted to obtain more information on the specificity and variation of the volatile com¬pounds, which are released from the root system of different lines and hybrids of Zea mays plants. European (12 genotypes) and North American (5 genotypes) genetic material was included (15 maize hybrids and 2 maize inbreds). The results of our study have shown that roots of European and American maize genotypes secrete dif¬ferent relative amounts of linalool, a-caryophyllene and b-caryophyllene, which depend on genotype and on the pretreatment of the roots (various mechanical damages).


Zea mays, root system, volatiles, linalool, a-caryophyllene, b-caryophyllene

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