Macroelement and nitrate contents in maize leaves under different nitrogen fertilization


The aim of this research was to quantify the effect of fertilization with different nitrogen levels and different type of fertilizers in three developmental stages of maize plants (5 leaves, flowering and milk maturity). Five nitrogen levels (80 kg/ha; 120 kg/ha.; 160 kg/ha; 200 kg/ha and 240 kg/ha) and two type of nitrogen fertilizers (Ammonium
nitrate and Urea) were applied in the experimental trials. The response of maize to the fertilization levels and type of fertilizers showed some influences on chemical content of maize leaves in different developmental stages. The total nitrogen and nitrates content increased at the same time with fertilization level, but the other chemical element
contents (calcium, phosphorus pentoxide, calcium, potassium, magnesium) decreased when high quantities (240kg/ha) of fertilizers are used. Additionally, this study showed that the nitrates content was highest in the first development stage of plants, especially when ammonium nitrate fertilizer was used.


ammonium nitrate, urea, fertilizers, nitrates, maize

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