Response of combined abiotic stresses on maize (Zea mays L.) inbred lines and interaction among various stresses


In tropics, maize is largely grown as rain fed crop in marginal areas often faces drought and waterlogging simultaneously
in same season that critically affects plant growth and development. The aim of the research was to study
the response of combined abiotic stresses and the interaction among various stresses on maize inbred plants. In
the present study, eighty maize (Zea mays L.) inbred lines were screened, for multiple abiotic stresses at the vegetative
stage. All the traits, observed were severely affected, in drought x low-N stress compare to waterlogging
x low-N stress. However in both the stress combinations (drought x low-N and waterlogging x low-N) chlorophyll
content decreases significantly, low-N stress has synergistic effect on the maize plants. Hence the overall effect
of stress combination was negative causing enhanced damage to plants. Whereas, interaction of drought x waterlogging
stress showed the antagonized each other response that primarily enhanced growth parameters (leaf
area, plant height and stem diameter) and it has improved the tolerant mechanism of maize plants. Therefore we
concluded, the response of maize various plants exposed to combinations of stresses is depend on interaction
of stresses.


Maize, Inbred, Combined stresses, Stress interaction, Drought x low-N and Waterlogging x low-N stress

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