Genotype By Environment Interaction and Stability Analysis for Maize Hybrids in North Western Himalayas Ecology


Genotype (G) x Environment (E) interaction of 25 medium maturity maize hybrids tested at three environments in
North-Western Himalayas was analyzed to identify stable high yielding hybrids for mid-hill conditions. The G x E
interaction was studied using different stability statistics viz; Additive main effects and multiplicative interaction
(AMMI), AMMI stability value (ASV), rank-sum (RS), and yield stability index (YSI). Combined analysis of variance
shows that genotype, environment, and G x E interaction is highly significant. This indicated the possibility of selection
of stable genotypes across the environments. The results of the AMMI analysis showed that the first two principal
components (PC1-PC2) were highly significant (P<0.05). The partitioning of TSS (total sum of squares) exhibited
that the environment effect was a predominant source of variation followed by genotypes and G×E interaction,
suggesting the possible existence of different environmental groups. The first two interaction principal component
axis (IPCA) cumulatively explained 82.87% of the total interaction effect. The study revealed that G11 and G7 were
found to be stable based on all stability statistics and GGE biplot assessment. Based on GGE biplots, it is concluded
that E3 is the best environment for testing the hybrids for more extensive adaptability and E2 and E1 locations can be
used to identify location-specific hybrids. Grain yield is positively and significantly correlated with rank-sum (RS)
And yield stability index (YSI). The above-mentioned stability statistics could be useful for identification of stable
high yielding genotypes, whereas, GGE biplots facilitated visual comparisons of high yielding genotypes across
the multi-environments.


Maize (Zea mays L), Genotype x Environment interaction, Yield Stability Index, Ranking Sum and Stability

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