Combining abilities in green corn genotypes for yield and industrial quality traits


The general and specificcombining abilities and the reciprocal effects of seven hybrids and two open pollination varieties of green corn were evaluated, aiming the formation of base populations to be used as a source of superior inbred lines. For the purpose of this study, two experiments were carried out in Maringá/PR and Sabáudia/PR, during the crop season of 2014/15. The experiments were evaluated in incomplete block design alpha lattice, with three replications. The parents AM811, HTMV1, Cativerde 02 and AL Piratininga were selected based on their ĝi and the following hybrid combinations AM811 x CD316, AM811 x AG1051, AM811 x HTMV1, AM606 x Cativerde 02 and Al Piratininga x AG4051 presented the most desirable ŝij effects. Regarding the reciprocal effects, the genotype AM811 is recommended to be used as male parent in further hybrid combinations


Alpha lattic diallel analysis; reciprocal effect

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