Biopesticide treated double layered bags: novel method of application of botanicals for Sitophilus oryzae L. management in stored maize


This study was conducted in order to evaluate the efficacy of the novel method of application of leaf powder of Tinospora cordifolia as water-based paste between the layers of double layered storage bags and acetonic leaf extracts on single layered bags against Sitophilus oryzae to protect stored maize for a period of five months. Untre-ated double and single layered bags were set as controls. After 5 months of storage, the weevil population builds up, percent grain damage, and percent weight loss was significanly lower in T. cordifolia treated double layered bags @ 2.0% w/w. However, untreated single layered bags recorded high population build up and maximum percent grain weight loss. The present work suggests that T. cordifolia treated double bags provide better protection to maize from S. oryzae infestation up to five months and can be readily used as an alternative to synthetic pestici-des at the farm level.

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