Variance components and heritability of traits related to Striga asiatica resistance and compatibility to Fusarium oxysporum F.Sp. Strigae in maize


Genetic gain in breeding maize for yield and yield components and Striga resistance is dependent on the magni-tude of genetic variation and heritability. The objective of this study was to determine variance components and heritability of yield and yield-related traits and Striga asiatica (L.) Kuntze resistance in maize involving a bio-control agent Fusarium oxysporum f.sp. strigae (FOS). Eighteen selected and genetically diverse maize populations were evaluated across nine testing environments in three sites under three levels of FOS treatment during the 2016/2107 growing season using an alpha lattice design with two replications. Variance components, heritability estimates and correlations among S. asiatica traits, grain yield and yield components of maize were calculated to provide a selec-tion guide. Significantdifferences (P<0.01) were observed among maize genotypes, test environments, level of Stri-ga infestation and their interactions. FOS treatment decreased S. asiatica parasitism in maize, and enhanced yield and its component traits. Moderate to high broad sense heritability values (H2>0.5) were recorded for ear aspect (0.58), cob length (0.60), grain yield t ha-1 (0.61), grain yield plant-1 (0.65), cob diameter (0.83), 100 kernel weight (0.91); Striga counts (0.71) and Striga damage rating (0.75). Grain yield t ha -1 and its components were negatively corre-lated with Striga parameters under FOS treatments. Yield-related traits such as cob length, cob diameter, and 100 kernel weight were important in indirect selection for FOS compatible and Striga resistant maize genotypes. FOS could serve as an effective bio-control agent against S. asiatica in maize production using compatible genotypes


FOS, heritability, maize, phenotypic variance, S. asiatica resistance, yield components

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