Combining ability for grain yield and resistance to maize streak virus in maize


Combining ability effects for grain yield, yield-related traits and resistance to maize streak virus (MSV) were determined using 10 parents, 45 single crosses and five standard hybrid checks. Genotypes were evaluated at three locations (Ngaramtoni, Inyala, and Igomelo) over two seasons (2012/13 and 2013/14) using a 6 x 10 simple lattice design with two replications. Data were collected for days-to-50% silking (DSL), days-to-50% anthesis (DA), reaction to MSV disease, plant height (PHT), ear height (EHT), number of ears per plant (EPT), husk cover of cobs (HSC) and grain yield (YLD). General combining ability (GCA) and specific combining ability (SCA) effects were significant (P < 0.05) for all traits except DA and DSL. Parental line TL2012-42 was the best general combiner for YLD, while the parents TL2012-41, TL2012-1 and TL2012-42 were the best combiners for maize streak virus resistance, with negative GCA effects of -10.9%, -10.8% and -10.7%, respectively. The highest SCA effect for grain yield (4.80) was detected in the hybrid TL2012-7/TL2012-38. Crosses such as TL2012-38/TL2012-55 and TL2012-25/TL2012-26 had negative SCA effects for their MSV reaction. The above parental lines and hybrids can be recommended for direct production, or breeding to enhance grain yield and MSV resistance in maize varieties for Tanzania.


combining ability, diallel analysis, heritability, hybrid, maize streak virus

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