Genetic divergence, path coefficient, principal component and cluster analyses of maize genotypes in the mid-altitudes of Meghalaya


A 2-year study was carried out on 84 maize genotypes to assess the genetic diversity for various morphological traits and their association with yield. There was a significant variation for all the traits studied among the genotypes. Moderate value of heritability and high genetic advance over mean were found for TLB infestation, average No of cobs per plant, average no of grains per plant and area under disease progress curve. Yield was found to be highly associated with other morphological traits. Average no of grains per plant have highest direct effect on yield (r = 0.831) followed by hundred grain weight (r = 0.386). Two major clusters comprising of 43 and 41 genotypes were formed. First 3 principal components having greater than one eigenvalues contributed 76.6% of total variation. FH-3358 and PRO-65 were found suitable for Meghalaya.


correlation, genotypic and phenotypic variability, maize, yield, PCA

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