Evaluating tropical single cross maize hybrids for adaptability and commercial value


Stability analysis was carried out to study stability in performance and genotype x environment interactions for sixty single cross hybrids along with three checks viz., 900M Gold, CP 818 and NK 6240 in three research farms of Foliage Crop Solutions Private Limited viz., Attur (Tamilnadu), Hosur (Tamilnadu), and Renebennur (Karnataka) un- der irrigated conditions during 2011-13. Data were recorded on different morphological and yield parameters viz., days to 50% silking, days to maturity, plant height, number of leaves, ear length, number of kernels row-1, number of kernels ear-1, hundred seed weight, and grain yield and the mean was used for statistical analysis. Analysis of variance carried out for all the characters revealed that the variance due to genotypes was highly significant for all the characters studied in all the three environments. Pooled analysis of variance for stability done using Eber- hart and Russel model of stability revealed that the variance due to genotypes, environments and environment components were highly significant for all the characters studied. However, it was found that the variance due to genotype x environment (linear) component was non-significant only for ear length and number of kernel rows and significant for the remaining characters.


maize, base populations, stability analysis

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