A review of genetic analysis and response to selection for resistance to Busseola fusca and Chilo partellus, stem borers in tropical maize germplasm: A Kenyan perspective


This paper provides a review on the context for the research in maize improvement for resistance to stem borers (Chilo partellus and Busseola fusca) in tropical environments. The following aspects are reviewed a) major productions constraints in East Africa, b) the stem borer problem in maize, c) genetic studies on maize resistance to stem borers. The explanations of key technical issues on progress and challenges in breeding for stem borer resistance in maize, inheritance of stem borer resistance and combining ability in maize, maize heterotic patterns, determination of heterotic orientations, application of the line x tester mating design, screening methods, selection indices, genotype x environment interactions, and response to selection for resistance to stem borers are addressed. Therefore, this paper forms a setting of reference for the study.


Chilo partellus, Busseola fusca, genetic analysis, response to selection

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