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An eighty years long history


An eighty years long history

Annals of Silvicultural Research (ASR) take over and are the on line follow-up of the former Annali. The Annali are a body of 36 volumes issued since 1970 from the Experimental Institute of Silviculture, then Forestry Research Centre of the Consiglio per la Ricerca e la sperimentazione in Agricoltura (CRA). They originate from the series of Papers of the same Institution (n. 15-18, 1968-69) and formerly of the Royal Station of Silviculture in Firenze (n. 1-14, 1932-67). The history of Annals dates therefore back to 80 years ago and covers quite completely the activity of our Institution since its early establishment in Firenze in 1922.

Institutional duty of the Annali was the scientific dissemination of research trials’ outcomes and findings to the manifold stakeholders’ levels and was aimed at an effective transfer of knowledge and innovation in the practice of forestry. The Annali housed original research papers produced inside and in cooperation with researchers outside on the subject-matters of forest ecology, silviculture of semi-natural forests and forest plantations for environmental restoration and wood/ non-wood productions, tree farming and agro-forestry, forest mensuration and stand dynamics, dendro-ecology, conservation and valorization of genetic resources and levels and types of biodiversity, protection and provision of forest ecosystems services, maintenance of their multifunctional role, up to the more recent theme of the adaptive management framed within the environmental change in progress and related issues of forests’ mitigation & carbon sequestration/ stocking ability.

A review of research topics and thematic volumes handled throughout the eighty years highlights the attention paid towards the national emerging subject-matters, since the Experiments on the introduction of exotic species in Italy by Pavari and De Philippis (1941), to its conclusive follow-up forty years later Role of exotic species in the Italian silviculture (1981-82), up to the special issues dealing with national and European projects joined by the Institution as coordinator or partner. Among these, it is worth reminding volumes on Tree farming experiments with valuable hardwood broadleaves (1994-95), Management of coppice forests in the Med. area (1996), and the four volumes on the activity of Italian teams involved in the Intensive monitoring of forest ecosystems within ICP-Forests programme (1999-2006).  

Up to 1993, submitted papers underwent a peer-review at care of R. Morandini, director and member of many editorial boards in Italy and abroad. Since 1994, the referees’ committee was officially declared and issued. It was renewed per volume according to contents and expertise required. Scientists of other networks in Italy and foreign countries took usually part in the referees’ committee. The Editorial staff, together with Guest editors in case of special issues, took care of the revision process.  

The Annali were issued in 1500 copies and distributed over 45 countries in Europe and outside Europe. Their diffusion allowed the exchange with about 100 foreign Journals and largely contributed to update the collection of periodicals at our library.

The editorial format was renewed in 1996 (vol. 27) and since 1999 (vol. 30) texts are available also in digital format. Full texts of special issues dealing with international research activity were published in English.

The Annali archive URL is http://ojs-cra.cilea.it/index.php/asr/issue/archive


Annals of Silvicultural Research (ASR) 

ASR are now part of the CRA Journals published by the Consiglio per la Ricerca e la sperimentazione in Agricoltura. The newly born Annals are a double blind peer-reviewed open access journal aimed at maintaining an updated form of scientifically and technically sound dissemination of main research and experimental findings. Its diffusion is addressed to the suite of stakeholders - scientists, technicians, managers, Forest Services, Governmental and Non- Governmental Organizations concerned with forest environment, silviculture and related issues. Preferred language of submission is English, but Italian is also allowed. ASR feature original research papers, review papers, concept notes and technical notes to meet all different challenges in research and innovation launched by the scientific community in the field of forestry.

Contributions are open to research scientists from any Research Institutions and Networks and to independent researchers. Also the Editorial Team has been renewed including international experts to cover all topics considered by the journal.

The subject-matters of ASR are the theory and the practice of silvicultural systems and related forestry issues. Distinctively, the journal deals with research experiences concerning the: (a) theoretical development and check in the practice of innovative criteria and methods of cultivation of semi-natural forests and forest plantations; (b) conservation of forest biodiversity and environmental protection; (c) bio-ecological functioning and monitoring of forest ecosystems under-cultivation and in post-cultivation phase; (d) maintenance and improvement of forest genetic resources; (e) forest management, inventory and geomatics to support silvicultural systems’ application; (f) forest tree farming and integrated agro-forestry systems; (g) silvicultural prevention of forest fires and post-fire management.

The Annals of Silvicultural Research URL is http://ojs-cra.cilea.it/index.php/asr/index


I do hope the journal will be able to gain more and more consideration by the forest scientific community and, meanwhile, I would like to thank all the Executive Editors as well as the Editorial assistants for the intense work at the start-up of the new journal. I want to thank the Editorial Board too for contributing to improve hereafter the scientific quality of issued papers. A particular acknowledgement is due to Paola Corsaro and her team as Scientific Dissemination Service at CRA. Finally, a special thank to Piermaria Corona, Director of the Forest Research Centre for the incentive to start this experience, for the active and proficient role, for the support during the start up of the journal. 

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