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Genetic resources and forestry in the Mediterranean region in relation to global change


The purpose of this review is to examine a few aspects of global change effects on forest genetic resources and their interaction. Genetic resources can provide many opportunities for the development of adaptive forest management in the Mediterranean region. At the same time, forestry and its various disciplines can offer manifold chances to develop methods and techniques for the in situ and ex situ protection, as well as for the correct management of species and populations at risk because of climate change.

Among these aspects, the  studies on the Marker Assisted Selection are particularly taken into consideration, as well as the phenotypic plasticity and the different types of assisted migration. A special emphasis is given to genetic resources growing at marginal peripheral populations, which need to be safeguarded as possible containers of adaptive diversity. They are subjected, in fact, to an extreme climatic stress more than others.


Forest genetic resources; forest reproductive materials; genetics; adaptation; assisted migration; marginal peripheral populations; Mediterranean area; global change; silviculture.

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