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Vegetation dynamic post-disturbance in tropical rain forest of Birds's Head Peninsula of West Papua, Indonesia


The tropical rainforest has a high level of biodiversity and plays an important role as a stable ecosystem.  However, an anthropogenic disturbance took place in some parts of the tropical rainforest.  The recovery of the disturbed forest is less scientifically understood.  Therefore, this study aims to examine the recuperation process of vegetation in Fef, Tambrauw Regency, and West Papua, in Indonesia by comparing the composition of primary forest life forms as control of the natural, five-year disturbed, and seven-year disturbed forest.  The results showed that the species diversity in the primary forest was not significantly different from the seven-year disturbed forest while the five-year disturbed forest was significantly different from the two types mentioned earlier.  Moreover, the similarity index showed that the primary and seven-year disturbed forest were identical and both were different from the five-year disturbed forest.  In addition, eight life forms were enumerated, viz. bamboo, climber, fern, herb, rattan, shrub, small tree, and large tree in which they were dynamic during the post-disturbance compared to primary forest. The residual forests should therefore be part of the intention of local people and government, in other not to exploit the forests by allowing the disturbed forests to recuperate naturally.   


Cluster Dendrogram; Shannon-Wiener index; Pielou’s evenness; New Guinea

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