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The GIS database of WOODnat project for the inventory and monitoring of walnut plantations in Italy and Spain


Within the activity of the H2020 ‘WOODnat’ project (“Second generation of planted hardwood forests in the European Union”) the growth parameters, yield and sanitary conditions of the most important walnut (Juglans spp.) plantations, established in Italy in the 1990s and in Spain starting from 1996, were recorded. One of the objectives of the project was to evaluate tree growth and stem quality to derive insight on the main environmental factors affecting the production of this valuable specie. An inventory of walnut plantations in the area of interest was necessary due to the relevance of this tree species in the EU timber market. In this paper the final dataset is presented and available with DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.3769940. The database is finalized to narrow the knowledge gap between growers and processing industry with the aim to relaunching the market for this valuable species. Data were collected in the spring 2017 and winter 2017-2018 on 27 stands established in Northern Italy (Piemonte and Lombardia), on 51 stands in Central Italy (Toscana and Marche) and on 17 stands in Spain for a total of 95 plantations. In each plantation, general information was collected such as the planting layout, spacing, age, environment conditions as well as tree-level dendrometric data and phytosanitary information. The sampled stands have been georeferenced in WGS84 reference system (EPSG 4326). These data can be exploited to assess potential wood volume obtainable and quality of raw material, and to identify the weaknesses and errors, strengths and opportunities of the experiences conducted to plan future plantings with greater awareness.


Open Source Data; Timber; Wood Production; Silviculture; Agroforestry

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