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Comparison between people's perceptions and preferences towards forest stand characteristics in Italy and Ukraine


Understanding people’s perceptions and preferences towards forest stand characteristics can bring many benefits to forest managers in the short term. This study aims to identify and compare people’s perception and preferences of forest stand characteristics in Trentino province (Italy) and Rakhiv region (Ukraine). These regions were chosen as study areas for two main reasons: both are in mountain areas and local communities are strictly dependent on the forest resource. Data were collected through a questionnaire administered to a sample of local people. The collected data were statistically analysed to highlight the preferred type of forests related to different stand characteristics. The results of comparative analysis confirmed the importance of socio-demographic characteristics in shaping respondents’ preferences. The results show that respondents in both case studies prefer mixed forests with a random distribution of trees with different diameter sizes. However, respondents from Trentino province prefer open forests, while respondents from Rakhiv region prefer closed one. The present study increased the level of knowledge about people's preferences in Italy and Ukraine for different forest stand characteristics. This information can be used by decision makers (forest managers and planners) to improve the recreational attractiveness of forest stands.


analysis of perceptions; partecipatory forest management; questionnaire survey; Trentino province (Italy); Rakhiv region (Ukraine)

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