Forestry research to support the transition towards a bio-based economy


This special issue is dedicated to the celebration of the 92nd anniversary of the Forestry Research Centre of the Italian Agricultural Research Council. The Centre originated in 1922 as Royal Experimental Station of Silviculture, joined to the Chair of Silviculture of the Royal Institution for Upper Education in Forestry of Firenze (Italy). Aldo Pavari, eminent scientist and teacher at the University of Firenze, was the first director from 1922 up to his death in 1960. On the year 1967, the Experimental Station was reorganized as Experimental Institute for Silviculture with head offices in Arezzo and local branches in Firenze, Isernia and Cosenza. From 1972 to 1995 the position of director was held by Riccardo Morandini, who defined new goals and reformed both inner structure and research programme, renewing the experimental approach to forest sciences. Since 1999, the Experimental Institute for Silviculture has become the current Forestry Research Centre.

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