Annals of Silvicultural Research

Annals of Silvicultural Research (ASR) features original scientific articles, reviews and notes on all aspects of silviculture. Related subject-matters include forest dynamics, forest ecology, dendro-ecology, forest stand assessment, agro-forestry and silvopastoralism, conservation of biodiversity and genetic resources, protection of forest ecosystems, maintenance of their multifunctional role and of the provision of goods and services.  

IV National Congress of Silviculture - Call for manuscripts

We are glad to host a new special issue coming from contributes presented at the IV National Congress of Silviculture (Torino, 5-9 November 2018). Who may be interested can click here to start the submission.

VERY IMPORTANT: indicate in the comments or in a cover letter your intention to submit for the "IV National Congress of Silviculture - Special Issue".

Manuscripts will be peer reviewed according to our Editorial Policy. Please check also Author Guidelines to format the manuscript properly. 

Deadline is 31-01-2019.

Vol 42, No 2 (2018)

Table of Contents

Review papers

Rosa Maria Di Biase, Lorenzo Fattorini, Maurizio Marchi

Research papers

Silvia Greco, Marco Infusino, Annamaria Ienco, Stefano Scalercio
Gianluigi Mazza, Dimitris Sarris
Elias Milios, Kyriaki Kitikidou, Elias Pipinis, Athanasios Stampoulidis, Sofia Akritidou, Pavlos Smiris
Maria Chiara Manetti, Claudia Becagli, Francesco Pelleri, Gianni Boris Pezzatti, Mario Pividori, Marco Conedera, Enrico Marcolin