Annals of Silvicultural Research

Annals of Silvicultural Research (ASR) features original scientific articles, reviews and notes on all aspects of silviculture. Related subject-matters include forest dynamics, forest ecology, dendro-ecology, forest stand assessment, agro-forestry and silvopastoralism, conservation of biodiversity and genetic resources, protection of forest ecosystems, maintenance of their multifunctional role and of the provision of goods and services.  

From May 2020, ASR adopts a continuous publication policy. Every accepted and copyedited manuscripts will be published in an ongoing issue. This issue will be closed after reaching a sufficient number of papers. Then a new ongoing issue will be opened. With this policy we hope to reduce the average publication time.

Vol 47, No 2 (2022): (ongoing issue)

Cover Page
Natural regeneration one year after wildfire in the Pinus pinaster Aiton natural forest in Pantelleria island National Park (Italy) - by Ugo Chiavetta (2017)